Why Buy Used When Shopping for a Pickup Truck?

Why buy used when shopping for a pickup truck

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If you are one of the many truck shoppers who is debating whether to buy used or new, you'll want to consider various factors when making your purchase decision.

How will you be using your pickup? What's your budget? And what features and specifications are on your shopping list?

Here at Florida Trucks, we believe there is exceptional value in buying used. After all, that's why we specialize in high-quality used trucks for sale in Florida and cater to truck buyers around central Florida and nationwide!

So, if you're in the market for a used vehicle like a pre-owned pickup, there are many benefits you can enjoy.

Let's take a look at some of the top reasons to buy used when shopping for your next pickup truck around the greater Orlando, FL, area or beyond.

Save Money

Opting for one of the used trucks for sale online could end up saving you significant money compared to buying new. New vehicles lose value as soon as you drive them off the lot, so why spend more on that pickup than you need to?

Used truck buyers can thank our next reason, depreciation, for the savings they'll experience when buying used!


Do you want to avoid the steepest depreciation when buying a pickup truck? Then you'll want to buy used. Why? Because most vehicles depreciate at the highest rate during the first three years after manufacture.

That means you could save thousands of dollars simply by purchasing a pickup that's one, two, or three years old. Many options at Florida Trucks, like our used diesel trucks for sale, look and drive like nearly new pickups.

Again, why pay more than you have to for a top-quality truck?

Get a Better Vehicle

When you're searching for "used diesel trucks near me," purchasing pre-owned could be the difference between getting a fully-loaded pickup instead of a bare-bones model.

No matter what truck make and model you're after, you're bound to find more affordable options when shopping our used trucks for sale in DeLand, Florida, than at any new car lot.

Stress-Free Ownership

Trucks are built for work like hauling and towing. So why spend top dollar to buy a brand-new pickup if it's only going to be put to work and get a little dirty in the process?

When you buy used, you won't worry about that first imperfection as many new car buyers do.

Quality and Condition

Modern manufacturing has led to used vehicles that are high-quality, high-tech and highly dependable. Buying a nearly new or late-model used pickup truck still comes with the peace of mind, amenities and durability that you'd expect when buying new, but at a pre-owned price!

Used truck shoppers come from southern Georgia, southern Alabama and farther afield to buy our top-quality pickups for sale. That's right; we stock gently used and nearly new vehicles, including one-owned and low-mileage trucks.


With so many used trucks for sale, you are bound to find your ideal pickup. When you buy pre-owned, you don't have to compromise on features or specifications since the selection is much greater and more diverse than when shopping for a brand-new vehicle.

So go ahead and search for a used truck for sale with your preferred gasoline or turbo-diesel engine, cab style, bed length, drive type and interior features. There's surely a perfect used pickup waiting for you here at Florida Trucks!

Don't live in the immediate area around Orlando, FL? Whether you live in central Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina or across the country, we proudly offer nationwide financing and delivery.

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